Mr February ’18

The month of February is very cold and snowy... you can't even go outside with your bike! During these cold months we warm up and comfort ourselves as best we can. And what better way than get inspired by the best montages of the month. So, here for you, from Spain and sun... the most inspiring bike we've seen for a while : the BMW R100 Silver Bullet, created by XTR Pepo and originally commissioned by Revival Of The Machine magazine.

You likely haven't missed the evolution to MKII. So instead, just for you, we will show you the origins of this custom!

The hand made wooden saddle and inlay surrounding the tank watch dial are superb. Not to mention the choice of leather which tops off these components.

The tank and fairing are works of art that speak for themselves.

A few additional details we like are the engravings along the exhaust and the concealed speedometer, which act as to not detract from the bikes overall image. 

XTR Pepo didn't go wrong with the MKII version either. Check it out for yourself here.

Photographies : Diego Bermúdez

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